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Overlooked Disney Scenes: Humiliation, Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Now within a lot of inner circles on tumblr this is a well known scene. But for many who have overlooked this film (as it sadly often is) this scene is something to behold. In my opinion this tender moment is the very heart of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and speaks to the essence of the film. Quasimodo has been stripped of his rights reduced to that of a carnival animal covered in mud for a crowd to laugh and gaze at. It’s terrifying how quickly they go from cheering him, to laughing at his obvious torment. Yet within seconds the entire mood shifts, silence falls over the crowd and in a way the realization sets over them as to what they were doing. All because one person, Esmeralda decided to walks up the steps.One person’s voice is all it takes to change a mob.

This is a whole other level of sophistication that I sadly have yet to see again in an animated film from Disney, including Frozen. As a kid I always teared up a little at this scene, and wondered how in the world people could be so cruel to someone that is different. I think now more than ever we have to realize that kids shouldn’t be completely coddled when it comes to the media they see. That they have a level of understanding that we always belittle when we shouldn’t. Because for me as a child this scene taught me a bit about myself and how I viewed others who were “different”. 

There is a message to be taken from this film. When we see cruelty being done to others for their differences. When we see others ostracized. When we see true torment and injustice done. We as people should always fight against it. Not fighting it with fire, but with compassion and kindness. As Esmeralda does in this scene. Which in my opinion should be considered along with all of the other iconic scenes in the animated classic genre.

Just food for thought. Until next time! 

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